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Image Name: Used Grid Jockstrap Brand:
Description: Just received. Very comfortable. User Rating: 4/5 
Date Added: 9/8/2018 6:28:05 AM      Number of Comments:  
Posted By: hsfe5 Number of Views: 149

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9/12/2018 7:43:00 PM  -   JTMac: That looks like one huge pouch. And I'm guessing 4-6" waistband

9/12/2018 8:04:03 PM  -   Strapped Wrangler: I like to see dicks pointing up!

9/17/2018 12:09:18 AM  -   jacqueklein: looks great ! GRID was very comfortable . wish they still made them

9/24/2018 5:38:53 AM  -   Bike57: The pouches on the old GRID jocks were so comfortable and they held you just right. They should have been called GRIP.

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Location North Carolina
Stats 42, 5 10, 165, 41c, 33w, 7c
Favoriate JockStrap Brands Bike, Flarico, Saf-T-Guard, Adams, McDavid, Bike
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