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Image Name: Not so happy ending Jockstrap Brand: Bike, i think
Description: I didn't loose a lot, but did this match. Still strapped though. User Rating: 5/5 
Date Added: 12/31/2017 12:33:47 PM      Number of Comments:  
Posted By: wildcat Number of Views: 397

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1/2/2018 9:03:43 PM  -   joxvegas: sorry you lost but thanks for the strap shot

1/2/2018 11:30:25 PM  -   Strapped Wrangler: It's nice to see the manly athlete who gives is all the great jockstrap stories! You're living our dream!

1/4/2018 3:28:28 AM  -   IntoBikes: Wish we had more pics like this, the subtle sensuality of a strap as seen holding a mans junk as it wraps around his ass . . . awesome!!! And like the others, sorry you lost, but we won in this pic!

1/6/2018 7:28:36 PM  -   JockBulger: you can pin me anytime bud. love to wrestle with you in Jocks, socks and boots.

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